GRiZ and Matisyahu Release “A New Day” Single, GRiZ’s ‘Ride Waves’ LP Due April 5th

GRiZ and Matisyahu Release “A New Day” Single, GRiZ’s ‘Ride Waves’ LP Due April 5th

GRiZ has just released his newest single “A New Day,” featuring One Day singer Matisyahu from his forthcoming LP, Ride Waves. Collaboration on this single begun in the studio just days after the Parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and is being released one year later in the tragedy’s dedication. GRiZ and Matisyahu have used this urban, reggae-electronic single to send a message concerning this tragedy and the many like it that have occurred in the past.

The single talks gun violence and pleas for an end to all the bullets. GRiZ’s production remains strong while Matisyahu’s vocals are just as uplifting as the lyrics are moving. Together, they bring attention to an issue incredibly urgent in our world today. “A New Day” calls on its listeners to help create a better future.

In Matisyahu’s own words:

“The song kind of wrote itself and it came at a time when this was obviously what was going on around us and in our consciousness. When we walked into the studio we knew we wanted to make a meaningful song but we didn’t walk in there with this specific intention (addressing gun violence). When we came into that artistic place where we were like “let’s open up and figure out what is going on inside of us’, this is what rose to the top.”

In GRiZ’s own words:

“Matisyahu’s voice speaks volumes to so many people. He has this unique ‘way’ of speaking and I am infinitely humbled that we were able to link up an idea that I think is very necessary today.”

GRiZ is supporting TOMS Shoes in their mission to have the community contact their local Congress representative to encourage universal background checks and is calling on his fans to do so as well. More on that here:

GRiZ’s Ride Waves LP is due to come out on April 5th.

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