Soul Bandit – A Tribute To Dancing Queen


For those of you who actually get to hang out with me in real life, you might have heard me talk about an artist that I am helping out on the managment side of things. That artist goes by Soul Bandit and yesterday she dropped her fourth original track (which just like the title suggest) is a tribute to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” Soul Bandit continues to grow with each new track that she puts out and I can’t wait to share more of her music with you soon.

About this track from Soul Bandit herself:

“Although I intended this release to be in alignment with my 3 previous releases, the idea behind making this one is a bit more personal. ABBA’s music has been part of my life since I was in the womb, so naturally they’re influences when it comes to me making my own music. Dancing Queen in particular is near and dear to both me and my mother’s hearts, and she is the one who ignited my passion for music the minute I was born. I probably wouldn’t be actively pursuing this career if it weren’t for her gifting me her love of music and encouraging me to take this journey. So this song was really written for her.”

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