sojuju – Stratus

I love it when I don;t have to do any work! Just see below.


Meet sojuju, a young girl from The Hague, Netherlands with an acute ability to find diamonds in the rough, and curate seamless mixes that encompass a plethora of styles and moods. Her versatility as a DJ is one of the prime reasons Flow-Fi claimed this talent early on, and with her subsequent successes in the European club scene as well as her eclectic portfolio on Soundcloud, we think it’s about time everyone got to know our most experienced DJ.

‘Stratus’ is a chronicle of emotional experiences. It’s a demonstration of talent, of both sojuju’s and the artists involved, and we hope this urges everyone to dig a little deeper and find young independent talent on the internet, poised to erupt.

1. Löv – Ultraviolent
2. Like Minded Collective – Under
3. Sango – Ago (Rvdical The Kid remix)
4. 8tm – Danny Glover ft. Gaïa
5. Cid Rim – Mute City (El. Train Bootleg)
6. BOY/FRIEND – Eve feat. VA$HTIE (Prod. Gautier)
7. The Phantom – Gothic (Album Mix)
8. The Phantom – Gothic
9. Fortune – Red Nose ft. BNJMN & Rico Love
10. Go Chic – Waiting For (Howie Lee Remix)
11. //Fractions – Save Us
12. VESTIGE – Elephant
13. Starfoxxx – Swerve 999
14. Singularis – I Need You
15. Loz Contreras – Break You Down ft. Sanna
16. Mikos Da Gawd ft. Tele Fresco – Japanese Bucket Hat
17. Tetris Fingers – Sunday Jam

sojuju on Soundcloud: @sojuju
Twitter: @NotSoJuju

Artwork by: @abstractyouth

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