Plastician – Safari (AWE Remix)

A dope new remix from the homie AWE dropped today and of course I’ve got it for you right here. I really love the way he produces and once again he delivers something special. More info down below.

As promised, following the release of Plasticman Remastered, Plastician delivers a series of Remix E.P.’s featuring some of the most exciting producers of today taking their spin on some of his classic grime productions.

Varying in styles and tempo, Plastician showcases some solid remixes from old pals like N Type & Surge and Starkey, and continues to bring forth exciting new talents in the shape of Terrorhythm family – AWE, Boxed label crew and master of the “Peace Edit”, Mr. Mitch, and Glaswegian grime lord Inkke on the first of three forthcoming E.P’s in the series.

These E.P’s will be following eachother every 2 weeks from the release of Plasticman Remastered (containing 25 of the originals) on July 14th 2014.

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