Groundislava’s “Dazed” Mix

Jacked from Dazed Magazine. Everybody knows I rep the We Did It Crew all day every day and I’m not going to stop any time soon. More info and what not below.

Cali artist Groundislava tends to explore squiffy electronic ambience in his own tracks, collaborating with similarly-inclined local artists such as Baths and Rare Times. Yet judging by this mix, his extra-curricular listening is a little more hyphy. He pumps up Katy Perry’s “Firework” with a 90s rave flex, takes a breather with Röyksopp and Lykke Li and a deep cut from ATB’s 1999 trance album Movin’ Melodies (remember “9 PM (Till I Come)”?). To quote one of the mix’s looped lyrics, it booms even brighter than the moon.

Groundislava – “Untitled”
Jake Weary – “The Bridge” (Groundislava Remix)
ATB – “My Dream”
Rank 1 – “Airwave” (Rank 1 vs Dutch Force Remix)
Katy Perry – “Firework” (Groundislava Remix)
Röyksopp – “Miss It So Much” (feat Lykke Li)
Rufus – “Desert Night” (Groundislava Remix)
Ono_Sendai – “God Hand”
Squarepusher – “Tommib”
David Sylvian – “Forbidden Colours”

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