Fool’s Gold producer/DJ Madeaux returns With New Single “The Wave” Featuring Brux

Spotted by A-Trak and signed by Fool’s Gold Records, the self-termed shy young producer returns with new single “The Wave” featuring haunting vocals from Brux.

When hearing the track for the first time, the track has downtempo R&B that melds dark house elements into a smoldering, club-ready house breaks. “Self-actualization instruction manual” is what Madaeux was aiming for when creating this track that was two years in the making. He wants his listeners to be on a transformational journey of striving to make timeless music in “an era where everyone likes, follows and views everything, yet values nothing.”

Lead single of the EP “Run With It” will feature dancehall antihero Tommy Lee Sparta, known as Jamaican music’s first goth. With Tommy’s vocals and Madeaux dark house elements combined, fans are in for a treat.

Burn, will consist of 12 tracks that resembles a journey into the producer’s varied influences and interests, ranging from bass-driven riffs to heady electronics. Not forgetting the epic collaborations with artists including WILLS, Poter Elvinger, Zuse, Tommy Lee Sparta, OG Maco, Josh Pan, Fifi Ron and Holly.

Listen to “The Wave” here.

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