Feeling This: Volume 2

It wasn’t very hard to find music for this weeks episode of “Feeling This”. I wanted to expand a bit from the first playlist by digging into a variety of new sounds, crossing into several sub genres that you might not normally find on AlwaysHustle.com. I found myself playing these songs all week long as really using these tracks as the sound track for my week. I’ve been walking around a lot more vs driving, and having this music to keep me going through my daily work has really made it a lot easier for me to focus. Life is good and so is this music. Thanks for listening. Links for all of the artists can be found below.


1 van ill – one for ghost mike
2 Sprill – Swirl
3 AQUILO – Put Me Down
4 AQUILO – Human
5 Kölsch – DerDieDas
6 Beat Boutique. – Artist Showcase 1.0 – JULiA LEWiS
7 Jayceeoh – ALISON WONDERLAND – RUN (Jayceeoh & B-Sides Remix)
8 Bobby Blue Bland – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Capture Remix)
9 Jarreau Vandal – B.Y.O.B. ft. my mother
10 Kaelin Ellis – can you tell?//interludee
11 Michael Christmas – Home ft. Royal
12 SHAMEBOY – Trippin (feat. Max Marshall)
13 water × ghost - ๑۩۞۩๑ (KANAMI V.I.P)
14 A. G. Cook – Beautiful (Celadon City Remix)
15 dxct – Tea
16 E e v e e – Crossroads
17 Ruff Sqwad – Pied Piper (Sh?m Remix)
18 THE SEVENth – 12th Hour ft. Waldo (prod. The SEVENth)
19 THE SEVENth – S-Curve (prod. The SEVENth & Sango)
20 Ali – Dope Fiend (BigheadOnTheBeat)
21 AMES – Fluid
22 aso – Time Lapse
23 Kafka Tamura – No Hope (Drift Static Remix)
24 Stranger – Feel Like
25 J-Louis – Looking Forward

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