Album: Kanye West – Ye

I’m just going to repost what I said about the album on Facebook. It’s not bad by any means but it’s nothing to write home about either. I’m glad to have human Kanye back. I’m glad he’s letting us into his mind a little bit more instead of trying so hard to be something he really isn’t but at the end of the day this will be an album that many people will forget about sooner than later. The album is available to stream below on spotify.

Here is what I said on FB last night (yea I had this shit early).

“To those of you calling it the best hip hop album of the year already, please stop.. just stop right now. It was a fun little ride and I appreciate what he’s rapping about but that’s really about all I’m taking away from it at this time. Kanye is pushing the genre forward with this because he’s choosing rap and hip hop to be the vessel for this message and with the platform he has, he is bringing light to things you wouldn’t expect in the world of hip hop and that is very cool in that regard.

In my opinion though it’s far from what I consider a classic “hip hop” album. It’s original, it’s creative, and even innovative as far as subject matter goes. But it’s not timeless nor is it something that I think will go down as being “classic” in any real way. It’s not the best album of 2018 and it might not even be the best album of this month as far as replay value and vibe goes but I’m not here to hate on it in any way. I appreciate it for what it is and I commend him for using hip hop to talk about what he’s going through but that’s all it really is to me at this time anyway.”

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