A new beginning.. Can’t stop the HUSTLE..

So here we are again. Years later, the same platform that started it all will now hopefully serve as the base for a revival. There is more music than ever and where originality should flourish in a wide open landscape, kids jump at the chance to conform and put out noise that simply mimics whatever is “hot”.

This is a blog that will celebrate the dope. The creativity that keeps music an always evolving art. This will be a blog for those beats that you can’t ignore and for lyrics that ring true to their intent.

I’ll do my best to always bring what I feel is best. Be it live from whatever show I can get a camera into or from the songs I’m able to find as I continue to look for that next big thing.

If you used to come by here once in a while back in the day, welcome back. If you’re new, I’m sorry If I talk a lot of shit.


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