Video: True Story: AWE

The homie AWE sits down with Diddy’s REVOLT TV and opens up about how he found electronic music while playing flash video and also offers up a few other tidbits about his life and music. More info below!


Zack Urman AKA LA’s AWE is far from your typical 20-year-old kid. Forgoing fake ID’s, college, and mediocre first jobs for a decidedly more all-in approach, the young producer is already making waves after signing to Dubstep pioneer Plactician’s Terrorythm label. What followed shortly after that was a head turning EP and standalone single, “Crystals,” which sparked the attention of blogs, artists and beyond (a major EDM artist at one point approached the young beatmaker to lay a top line on the tune before the track was ultimately released in its form you hear today). But the cosigns don’t stop there. He’s the youngest member of LA collective TeamSupreme, which boasts other notable’s like Djemba Djemba and Mr. Carmack, he’s been hailed to the studio by other unmentionable massive producers for his commanding knowledge of sound design, and, oh yeah, Skrillex think’s he’s pretty great, too.

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