Video: “The Original” featuring Benefit and Mr. Green

Benefit has always been a huge inspiration to me. His track “So Sick” (see down below) had such crazy word play and the whole thing was recorded on a shitty computer mic which I still think is mad crazy and to this day he continues to spit nasty..

On “The Original” he teams up with the almighty beat creator (and dope ass rapper himself) Mr. Green for a track that pays homage to the original art that is Hip hop. Check out the story behind the video below.

“This video was shot when Benefit was visiting NYC for the first official Live from the Streets album release party. We didn’t really have a plan but we knew Ben was only here for a couple days so we got busy and shot as much as we could. In addition to this video we also filmed a video for “if i don’t go to hell” including cameos from the wonderful Janice. That video will come out down the road as a part of the ongoing Live from the Streets saga. I honestly don’t know what the future holds for the show but I know we’ve created something truly special with LFTS and I know that we aren’t even close to finished.

This video is special to me because it features some of the best moments in the Live from the Streets
show over the last couple years along with a couple glimpses into future episodes (like Sean Price and Odb).

It’s also special because it’s my first time rhyming on a real song. Shoutout to the legendary Benefit for hearing me rhyme and then convincing me to jump on a real song. If enough people ask me to I might put out more rhymes… we will see.”

‘The Original’ feat. Benefit is featured on the first
official LFTS album out now on Duck Down Records:

Live from the Streets:

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Directed by Mr. Green

Filmed by Sam Lipman-Stern, Matt Giordano,
Hirem Stelzig, Bill Horace, Alex Kid-One, Sean
the White Rapper, Sean Ryon and Mr. Green

Executive Produced by Sam Lipman-Stern and Mr. Green


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