Vell – OAKLAND Feat. DJ Mustard (Ash Riser Remix)

Our homie Vell is back with a very trapped out remix of his smash hit “Oakland”. I loved the original and I still think it’s the better song for the radio but this remix sure does turn up! I can expect to hear this at Control in the very near future. Trap heads stand up! This one is just for you.

From our friends @ RunTheTrap:

Fans of DJ Mustard should familiarize themselves with Bay Area rapper Vell. The young up-and-comer is about to drop a mixtape called STAY DOWN TO COME UP which will be hosted by none other than DJ Mustard and DJ Amen… meaning its only a matter of time before Power 106 starts bumping Vell every hour on the hour.

The original Oakland track was the first from the mixtape to leak (about a month ago) and Vell’s raps are juicy with that hyphy bay-area swagger which compliments Mustard’s beats very well (I’ve always thought of Mustard as a pan-California producer with strong hyphy influences despite being a SoCal boy… Bay Area rap has always had a presence in the LA ‘underground’ scene… Why do you think Andre Nickatina always rolls through on tour?)

To help hype the mixtape, Amen and Mustard got Ash Riser to do a trap remix for Oakland and it’s even more club-friendly than the original. The track goes pretty hard and best of all, the remix is available as a free download! That’s that **** that we do like! (I can already picture all the baes in the bay shaking ass to this).

Check out the first two tracks from the mixtape and download Ash Riser’s dope remix of Oakland below. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one…

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