Major Lazer – Lean On (Long Shower Cover)

Major Lazer – Lean On (Long Shower Cover)

Long Shower (aka Ben Seaward) is sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to music/multimedia. We first linked up at a house party earlier this year where we chatted over a beer while listening to some of our friends spin some records. Meat was grilled, lots of new friends were made and over all it was just a really good day. I hadn’t really heard much from him since then until recently he hit me up with a rough version of the track posted above. If he would have sent this to me a few months ago, it would have been thrown to the bottom of my ridiculously unorganized “New music” playlist where it surly would have been buried under 100 Drake flips and shitty Duke Dumont and Odeza remixes.

But luckily he got me right as I was in the beginning of what I like to think of as my most recent “rebirth” as far as music goes. For me it’s all about how a song makes you feel by the time you are done listening to it. Ben’s version/cover of Major Lazer’s “Lean On” is different and it drums up feelings reminiscent of when I used to listen to bands like Weezer (like blue album/ pinkerton days) and the get up kids while still holding on to a future sound that I can get behind today. The resulting vibe is a marriage of sounds that you wouldn’t normally expect to hear from a cover and thats why I think other people need to hear music like this.

Long Shower is working on bunch of music and I’ll continue to post it here as long as it continues to sound like this. Thanks for the track sir!

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