Kiva Shines Bright As Outsidelands gives Cannabis the Green Light

Kiva Shines Bright As Outsidelands gives Cannabis the Green Light

Being a seasoned festival goer over the last 10 years, I knew this day would finally come. The day I’m speaking of here actually happened last Friday when the Outsidelands music festival warmly opened its gates to the cannabis community by allowing festival goers a chance to enjoy their substance of choice in a safe and beautifully curated environment, right on the grounds of Golden Gate park. They called it Grass Lands and for me it felt like an Oasis and a true safe place to enjoy the plan that I love so much.

While other festivals like Northern Nights have had areas where pot loving fans could enjoy their favorite products in the past, Outsidelands is the first major music festival in America to allow the legal sale of cannabis and cannabis infused products and it was a glorious site to see. There were many brands set up in the woodsy clearing where Grass lands was built, showing off their latest products and selling their various strains, concentrates, and accessories, but one brand really stood out to us here at as far as their activation set up, the quality of their products, and the information they provided to a diverse group of Grass Lands attendees and that brand is Kiva.

Kiva has always been known for their exceptional quality. Their chocolate products alone have become legendary and are still considered to be the best in the industry but beyond that we saw some other treats from the brand that kept us coming back for more.

Both their their gummies and their Petra mints have not left my bag since the festival as Bothe offer edible lovers the perfect amount of THC whether you are looking to micro dose or put your body into full relaxation mode. A far as their activation went, Kiva had a variety of attractions that kept their lines long all weekend, including a live chocolate wall and non medicated sampled of their many treats.

Kiva cofounder Kristi Knoblich Palmer

In only its second year, it appears that Grass lands has made a serious impact on the cannabis and the live events community alike. As a fan of both worlds, it’s exciting to see what lies ahead for programs like Grass Lands and brands like Kiva as they both continue to push things forward for the millions of people who enjoy cannabis in their lives. I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with the whole experience and thanks to these delicious edibles I can now say I am a true Kiva fan for life as well.

Stay tuned for more info about the Cannabis industry and for more great products from Kiva, check out their website here.