ADaD – Eulorhythmics  (EXTENDED PLAY)

ADaD – Eulorhythmics (EXTENDED PLAY)

My homie ADaD (along with Kenny Keys, they are the “Eulorhythmics”) is not only one of my favorite rappers but he’s also a god damn genius when it comes to crafting real hip hop. If you trust me as your provider of epic music, please listen to this 5 times and be sure to purchase below. Every track on this baby is well worth your time. I didn’t have a blog in April so I’m telling you to get it now!


Kennys keys and ADaD’s first release on ALLNATURALINC. It was the first step to building something beautiful that no one else created the ultimate throwback and the first time its free… TO LISTEN… you can cop it through itunes on the links… BLESSINGS