Video: Kinda Neat Presents – DAYE JACK – EASY

Video: Kinda Neat Presents – DAYE JACK – EASY

Another solid selection from the guys at Kinda Neat. They consistently work with some of the best emerging artists in hip hop and DAYE JACK certainly has my interest peaked. Check out the video as DAYE performs his very catchy single “Easy”.


Published on Apr 22, 2015

Daye Jack performs “Easy” live in Cosmic Zoo studio after a long conversation with Intuition on the Kinda Neat podcast.

This week we talked to fresh faced new LA transplant Daye Jack. Born in Nigeria, raised in Atlanta, schooled in New York, and now living in LA, his music is as eclectic as the places he’s resided. He represents a new breed of hip hop artists that are as comfortable harmonizing a catchy melody as they are barring out. We take a lot of care in selecting artists we think you, the listeners, will want to add to your playlist. If we’ve learned anything about your tastes through the years, this is going to be a guy we all agree upon. Listen in as we talk about leaving NYU to pursue music, playing his first show 6 months ago, and his surprising love for John Mayer.

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