Ta-ku & Blu – Everyday (Cuts By DJ Greem)

The beat outshines the lyrics on what would normally be a dream collab for me between blu and Ta-Ku. I don’t know why blu made his vocals sound like that but it is far from the best I’ve heard from the LA rapper. Still post worthy I guess but just barely tbh. No need to sugar coat shit with you guys.. I could understand why Ta-Ku didn’t want to put this out but it’s better than it never coming out at all.. I guess..

After “Summer In Jakarta” and “Winter In Jakarta” it was time for another season comp by Jakarta as it’s also our 10th birthday as a label. 15 unreleased tracks from Jakarta artists and people we are just friends with / like. Full release dropping as a free DLL in mid november. Some retailers will also have a free cassette tape version.

This track was originally meant to be on a Ta-ku release on Jakarta that never happened. Still we felt it deserves to be shared with you guys. What a magical combination.


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