Soulection – Love Is King Compilation (200K Followers on Soundcloud)

from Soulection:

Whether you’ve been around since day one or you’re just tuning in, we appreciate you.

This week marks the support of 200,000 listeners on Soundcloud. Thank you. It’s a very special milestone for us and our worldwide community.

We look forward to continuing on our journey with you as we collectively push honest music, encourage each other to stay creative and really just inspire others to do what they love.

The ‘Love Is King’ compilation is a tribute to one of our favorite artists, Sade. The British, Nigerian singer, songwriter and composer has always had a timeless, nostalgic and chilled out sound. We’ve all grown up with her in the background as many of our parents raised us on Sade. Her style/songwriting just makes you feel at ease, comfortable and is familiar.

Art by Sara Golish
Curated by @AndrePower

Compiled & Executive Produced by @JoeKay
Words by Jacqueline Mari

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