Sébastien Léger Releases ‘Secret’ EP on All Day I Dream

All Day I Dream favorite Sébastien Léger makes his grand return to the label with three new tracks that are designed to evoke magical feelings. Being no stranger to the label family, Léger continues to create unique and beautiful music that fits nowhere else besides All Day I Dream. His ‘Secret’ EP is composed of three tracks that not only showcase his marvelous production talents but also help us understand why Sébastien Léger is one of the most in-demand artists on All Day I Dream.

The ‘Secret’ EP marks the French superstar’s third outing on All Day I Dream. ‘Ashes in The Wind’ starts the ‘Secret ’ EP off on a strong note with crisp analog plucks layered on a rhythmic drum pattern. ‘Menabelle’ and ‘Secret’ continue the journey with expertly crafted vocal work alongside perfectly balanced bass elements that come together to tell stories of their own.

Purchase the ‘Secret’ EP HERE

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