Dance Spirit Releases ‘Famous Last Words’ EP on Desert Hearts Black

Los Angeles based duo Dance Spirit has officially joined Desert Hearts Family with the release of their brand new 4 track EP titled ‘Famous Last Words.’ Holding the throne as the seventh release on the new label, the ‘Famous Last Words’ EP contains four heavy tracks that tell a dark story of their own.

From the larger than life soundscape in the title track, ‘Famous Last Words’ to the extremely catchy vocal loop in ‘The Way Things Are,’ it is easy to tell that Dance Spirit put their heart and soul into crafting their debut release on Desert Hearts Black. 

The duo has come a long way since their breakout year back in 2012. Having released on some of the biggest electronic labels in the world such as Bedrock, Kindisch, and Manjumasi, Dance Spirit have slowly made their way to the top. With the release of ‘Famous Last Words’ EP, the future has never looked brighter for Dance Spirit. 

Purchase the ‘Famous Last Words’ EP HERE

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