How to win tickets to Coachella + The Complete Coachella Party Guide

Coachella is the premiere music festival in the united states and with ticket prices now climbing close to $500 just for GA, it can be hard to justify spending all that dough. As a natural born hustler, I have not paid to go to Coachella in more than 7 years, going each weekend since they started doing doubles 5 years ago. With that being said, one of the easiest ways to go to Coachella for free is by winning a contest. Now that might sound crazy because lots of people enter these things, but what most people don’t understand is that you can;t win something unless you enter! Even entering once gives you a chance to win and that chance is greater than if you didn’t enter at all! I’m working on a book right now that details how I have somehow gone to over 300 music festivals over the last decade for free and while I continue to work on that, I wanted to pass some of my knowledge to you here so maybe you too can join in on the free fun.

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