Drew & Luke Release Let’s All Sing Together – A Song for a Changing World

Hailing from Philadelphia, retro-rock duo Drew & Luke have released their debut single Let’s All Sing Together, and it is already inspiring people around the globe. Drawing inspiration from classic rock artists such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan, Drew & Luke are bringing “music that matters” back to the light of the world. 

During a time that will be remembered for generations to come, Drew & Luke are using their platform to call on others around them to create action and change for that of a better world. The song’s lyrics take the form of a letter, one that addresses people of all kinds, reminding them that we all have a role to play because “we’re all we got.” 

Writing, recording, and producing Let’s All Sing Together themselves in their place of quarantine, they continue to push a message that music needs to have an impact on the world, and that impact can inspire action. With an infectious sound that urges listeners of all ages to sing and stand with one another, Let’s All Sing Together is sure to be a song that transcends even beyond this important moment in history.

Listen to Let’s All Sing Together by Drew & Luke below: