Anna Lunoe’s “Blaze of Glory” receives a new look via Fool’s Gold’s Nick Catchdubs & Tabby Wakes

Anna Lunoe’s “Blaze of Glory” gets a total Fool’s Gold makeover by courtesy of Nick Catchdubs and newest Fool’s Gold signee Tabby Wakes.

Nick Catchdubs adds a jazzy 90’s seasoning to this mix while Tabby brings it all together with her signature wavy tunes which have been gaining quick popularity in the underground New York scene. Although the original song is very different from the remix, this chilled-out track provides a complementary contrast to Anna Lunoe’s catchy song.

Together, Nick and Tabby make the perfect combo for the spicy renovation of this blazing song. If you’re ready for a funky and nostalgia provoking track, make sure to check out the “Blaze of Glory” remix by Nick Catchdubs and Tabby Wakes.

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