Andre Power – Live @ TSOT (Stussy x Soulection After Party) [Echoplex – 5 September 2014]

Another super dope live set from the Soulection crew. This again was recorded from their LA party with Stussy @ The Echoplex on 9/5. Big ups to Andre Power for this one. I would have loved to have heard this live with all those people screaming!


▶ Soulection ~ The Sound of Tomorrow
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Still buzzing off the Stussy x Soulection After Party @ The Echoplex. If you were there then you already know that the energy was heavy.

Soulection Co-Founder, Art Director, & Birthday Boy @AndrePower had the stand out set of the night. After being away for a few months traveling the world, he came back with a total new character that was full of non stop energy and track selections that we never heard of or forgot about.


Photo by Asato Lida

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