Agoria returns with first single in over a year, “Embrace”

French electronic phenom, Agoria, released his first single in over a year today “Embrace”. A downtempo emotional ballad, “Embrace” nods its head to the best of classical electronica, like Boards of Canada and more, while wearing a modernized dressing that makes it able to live in a space crossing both worlds.

Featuring Berlin-based singer Phoebe Killdeer, the track provides the perfect sonic foundation for the vocal to float atop. A seeming departure from his older catalog, “Embrace” takes a step out of the sonic universe that Agoria has occupied through his career, while keeping one foot inbounds and not alienating his classical fanbase.

As usual, he seems to be heavily influenced by his sonic surroundings. To hear him say it: “It was falling apart but making beautiful noises! I recorded it and found the harmonies in the bleeps! A few days later, Phoebe called me saying that she had recorded her vocals at home with a random microphone, and asked if we should re-record it properly in my studio. I thought that we would never get the same sensuality and elegance in a second round, so we decided to keep it natural, and embrace the magic that sometimes just happens!”

“Embrace” is out today via Virgin Records. Stream below and keep an eye out for more music from Agoria soon.

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