Splice and Movement 2018 partner to release a Sounds of Detroit, featuring 20+ Artists from Movement 2018 Lineup

In the age of sampling and access to technology, samples can be created from anything. For example, a simple sound of a dumpster lid hitting a container could be pitched down to create a kick drum. This is the magic of sampling.

Unlike other sample packs that are solely created in a studio, Detroit legends Shigeto and Wajeed roamed the city to find sounds that inspired them. After recording various landmarks and soundscapes throughout Detroit, Shigeto and Wajeed tasked artists from the Movement 2018 lineup to create unique samples from the raw sounds.

Artists who contributed to the pack include: Andrés, Mark Flash, Ectomorph, Blake Baxter, Shady P, Delano Smith, Black Noi$e, Kweku Saunderson, Antenes, Marco Shuttle, MGUN, Chuck Daniels, Milan Ariel, Gene Farris, The Saunderson Brothers, Marshall Applewhite, Mija, John Dixon & Chris Koltay

Through pitch-shifting, distorting, and quantizing the sounds, the team of artists created a pack of samples and loops, which is now available on Splice Sounds.

In order to foster and propel the music scene in Detroit, all proceeds from the pack will be donated to the Seraphine Collective and Spin, Inc.

Download the pack here

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