Gettoblaster and DJ Funk team up for DIRTYBIRD Release

Gettoblaster stepped on the scene in 2014 and has been a force in producing house music ever since. This duo, hailing from Chicago and Detroit, has a distinct style while staying deeply rooted in preserving house and techno music. DJ Funk is no stranger to successful production, either, pioneering the ghetto-house scene since the 1990s and making a name for himself early in his career around the midwest.

The artists’ most recent release on DIRTYBIRD Records stays true to a Gettoblaster sound: it’s not for the faint of heart. The track, titled “Get Dat,” features crisp percussions and a robust bass-line. The song is provocative, and depending on where your mind is, you wouldn’t expect what “dat” is that we’re actually getting. Just as original house music calls for, the song’s dirty beat is relentlessly unapologetic and sexual in nature. The repetitive words are a house music staple, and the track is a DIRTYBIRD banger. The dance floor will be shaking and booties will be percolating, so crank dat “Get Dat,” fam.

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