New EP Release on Desert Hearts featuring Matt Tolfrey and Lee Curtiss

Desert Hearts Records has released a new EP that is guaranteed to keep us dancing well into the New Year. Suprised? Neither are we. With Matt Tolfrey and Lee Curtiss to thank, The EP, aptly named For Your Mind, maintains the staple Desert Hearts house beat we know and love. Who Said That, the EP opener, serves steady percussion and inlays of soft vocals and differing samples throughout. The EP finisher is a bubbly house track and mimics the style of vocals present in the opener. A classic Desert Hearts release, For Your Mind is the perfect reminder for why we love house music.

Both Curtiss and Tolfrey are heavy hitters when it comes to experience. Curtiss is known for his ability to add diversity from different eras into his tracks, while Tolfrey’s success as a DJ has led him to be the owner of his own label, Leftroom. Both artists has a knack for enticing us to the dance floor, and this collaboration will find us hard-pressed to ever leave.

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