Joyce Muniz & Namito EP, Me & Da Beat, brings Desert Heart’s Mikey Lion in on the Fun

After first releasing her own music in 2010, Joye Muniz’s underground fame spread worldwide like wildfire. DJ Namito ran the underground scene in Berlin, until most recently releasing a double LP entitled Letting Go which garnished national acclamation. Recently, the two elite musicians hailing from Deutschland, came together to deliver a classic EP Me and Da Beat.

The German DJs start strong with a fire track featuring Quinta Jones over crazy synths and a slap-happy bass line.

They reached deep in their toolboxes to bring to life “Beside My Beat”. A fever dream sound created by combining cutting tones and sharp percussion with hollow progressions, strings, and vocals.  

They paint the final stroke of their portrait as powerfully as the first,  drafting Desert Hearts lead, Mikey Lion, to craft a salacious tech house rinse.

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