Find Yourself While Listening to CLN’s Latest Single “Own Skin”

After returning to one of his childhood homes in South Africa, Callan Alexander, aka ‘cln,’ got the inspiration to return to a track he had yet to finish, now titled “Own Skin.” A track soothingly able to transport you to a place where you can think about the deep meaning within yourself and finding inner peace that is inspired by the awe inspiring landscape of the South African plains. Full of moving vocals and a mix of electronic jazz, this track has a way of emitting peaceful vibes that will have you feeling more comfortable in your own than you have in while. Coming as the second single off of cln’s upcoming debut EP that will drop towards the end of this year, you can expect to see more meaningful content from this climbing producer very soon.

“The sunsets in the Kruger National Park are very beautiful, and the noises of all the wildlife  accompanying them even more so. Those scenes inspired me to finish this song and most of the imagery in the lyrics; it’s about being comfortable with yourself, and not feeling like you have  to be someone else.” – cln

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