“Feeling Good” by Will Clarke and BOT out now on DIRTYBIRD Records

Both Will Clarke and BOT are rising stars in the house music scene. Clarke is well established with the DIRTYBIRD brand, and BOT continues to slay in the underground. These artists collaborated back in 2017 for a heady track, “Techno (not techno),” and are back again with a song that comes as a highly sought after ID by fans and DJs alike. Out now on DIRTYBIRD label, “Feeling Good” is sure to detonate the dance floors.

“Feeling Good” begins with acid lines and trippy vocals, repeating, “you feeling good?” Clarke and BOT then strip away everything but the unrelenting high hat and slowly but surely, like Jaws creeping up underneath his prey, the bubbling synths lead into the drop to reveal the rest of the meaty song. Tiger Stripes steps in for a remix edition of the track, and unlike the techno-leaning original, his rendition has a more futuristic vibe. Both versions are hard to resist and stay in your head long after the beat stops.

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