Chuurch drops new hit track from EP, One Mind

Chuurch have poised themselves for another big year by announcing their new EP project – Uunion. The full EP will be out on March 27th, through Skrillex’s label NEST.

The Calgary production duo have been leaving their infectious and distinctive bass-driven beats in the minds of many while touring across Canada. Having previously released projects on Deadbeats, Perfect Driver and This Ain’t Bristol, Chuurch is here today to give their fans a sneak peak to one of their EP’s tracks – One Mind.

When asked about the duo’s early days, both artist revealed that they met through chance and started collaborating in production, not knowing that what would soon come of it. Coming from very different music backgrounds, one in Hip Hop while the other in Jazz music, the two managed to find creative inspirations from one another that spans into what we know today – Chuurch. What sets them apart from the masses in the crowded genre of electronic music is their signature stripped-back bass sound that has been coined “Lean Bass” by fans.

The track One Mind follows the signature style of the artists’ vision, creating an industrial sound that still has an aggressive and upbeat edge to it, in line with their avant-garde approach to music production. It generates such a fresh and immediately recognizable sound that the moment you listen to it, you’re hitting that repeat button.

Listen to Chuurch’s new single, One Mind on Spotify here.

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