Brasstracks release Acoustic Version for I’m Alright feat. R.LUM.R (Video)

At the beginning of 2019, NYC’s R&B-duo Brasstracks released a new single, I’m Alright feat. R.LUM.R as a preview of their Before We Go EP. I’m Alright showcases their brass-heavy soul, hip-hop influenced, R&B production. In addition, their live horns and percussion sets them apart from the crowded R&B genre, showing the importance of live instruments.

This past week, Ivan and Conor (of Brasstracks) released an acoustic version video to I’m Alright. In this striking rendition, R.LUM.R’s vocals mixing with Ivan and Conor’s live instruments creates an experience that mesmerize all listeners.

Ivan and Conor shared words about how this collaboration came together:

“I’m Alright has been about a year and some change in the making – we reached out to R.LUM.R after hearing some of his music on Soundcloud (as per usual), and found out that we were mutual fans of each other (sick). We set up a session in NYC pretty quickly, the studio that we met up at didn’t have the proper equipment (classic) so we just went back to the home studio and made the bulk of it there. It all started with a very rough ableton demo, we added and subtracted until we got to the final product of I’m Alright, which is what you’re listening to now. We hope you come out of this listen remembering your self worth – that’s our favorite way to look at the song.” – Brasstracks


Stream Brasstracks’ new EP, Before We Go:

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