Black V Neck’s ‘Bounce Music’ is a Brilliant follow-up to DIRTYBIRD Debut

In 2019, Black V Neck made their grand entrance on DIRTYBIRD with the lauded ‘Mouth Music.’ They make their return to the label today with a fresh and funky new two-tracker, this time dubbed ‘Bounce Music.’

One might expect the EP to incite bouncing per the title Black V Neck have bestowed upon it, and indeed it delivers. A springy bassline on its title track paired with a distorted “bounce” vocal mimics the feeling implied, and fits in well with DIRTYBIRD’s quirkier side. “What She Wants” is equally buoyant, and like its predecessor, uses vocals as a main pillar of its construction. This time, however, the duo lean deeper into their eccentricity with various bites of synth and other sound effects.

Having cut their teeth on the local circuit for quite a few years now, Black V Neck are ready to make their entrance into the global sphere. With an expressive ethos that battles the monotony and elitism in today’s underground sphere, the Miami-bred duo are here to provide a refreshing breath of air into house music. They’ve already received major support from Shiba San through signings on the French DJ’s imprint, and are quickly becoming favorites among the DIRTYBIRD ranks. Prior to ‘Mouth Music,’ the pair made their Defected debut with a remix of John Summit’s “Deep End.”

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