Ardalan’s ‘Mr. Good’ LP out now on DIRTYBIRD Records

Today marks the LP debut of Ardalan on DIRTYBIRD Records. “Mr. Good” is the reminiscent tale of the producer’s unique youth and the common struggles of being human. 

Originally from Iran, Ardalan moved to San Francisco solo as a young teenager, where he was quickly introduced to the rave community. Having lived in such vastly different environments, Ardy has developed a unique sound that channels the melancholic melodies of Iranian music and futuristic compositions of modern dance music. 

The vintage sound of analog synths unite with futuristic spacey elements, sending us into a sonic time warp. Listen to ‘Mr. Good’ in full here

Ardalan also drew inspiration from the moral compass, and the constant effort to find the virtuous path. When asked about the title-track, Ardy had this to say: “‘Mr. Good’ is about a story of self-acceptance. In some cases, we strive to be the perfect person. Yet, we never learn to be ourselves. We and society are forced to wear a mask to hide our true traits and flaws, which are the very reasons that push us to be a better person in this world.” 

The artist is currently on a 36-stop tour across North America, making stops at Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf, Los Angeles’ Sound, Chicago’s Spybar and more. See if he’s visiting your city here

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