Hail Mary Mallon – Jonathan

Hail Mary Mallon – Jonathan

Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock are back at it again as they get ready to drop their second project as “Hail Mary Mallon”. I have been listening to both of these guys since High school and it’s great to see that their music is still coming out at a quality level. Beats and rhymes are point so we all win here.



Pre-order “Bestiary” on iTunes: bit.ly/iTunesBestiary
Pre-order “Bestiary” on CD/Vinyl: bit.ly/Bestiary
Pre-order “Bestiary” on Amazon: bit.ly/BestiaryAMZ

Watch the official music video here: bit.ly/HMMJonathan

Jonathan is the first single from Bestiary, the sophomore release from Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic).

Pre-order Bestiary on iTunes or Fifth Element to get the first single, “Jonathan” instantly!

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**Autograph not available on mp3 pre-orders unless you bundle it with an exclusive shirt and/or sweatshirt. (They can’t sign an mp3!)